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Womens Perceptions of Their Agency and Power in Post-Conflict Timor-Leste

No. Panggil : eja-21-0770
Nama Orang : da Dalt, Alexandra T.
Penerbitan : [Place of publication not identified] : Proquest - Crime Justice and Cyber Criminology, 2021
AbstrakWomen in Timor-Leste face a variety of obstacles to full political, social, and financial inclusion. The tension between government initiatives to protect women and the reality of lived experiences is apparent in the high gender-based violence rate. Though there is strong scholarship in the quantitative-based reporting and analysis of gender and womens rights in post-conflict Timor-Leste, there is a lack of space for Timorese womens voices to directly narrate how they see these issues affecting their lives. This qualitative study expands on previous findings and attempts to bring Timorese womens voices to the center of the current conversation around gender in Timor-Leste. Findings indicate that rigid post-conflict gender roles and a strong patriarchal tradition are obstacles to gender equity, despite the apparent numbers of women in Timor-Leste pushing forward and fighting for womens rights. Themes of competition between women, gender-based violence, access to reproductive health and rights, concerns about financial stability and access to education, and womens political representation emerged during the interview process. These trends indicate the opportunity for Timorese-centered reflections and further research on manifestations of gender inequality and power in this context.
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Kata KunciTimor-Leste, Feminist framework, Gender violence, Global South, East Timor, Southeast Asia
Tahun Terbit2021
No. Indukeja-21-0770
Entri Sumber DataProquest - Crime Justice and Cyber Criminology
Entri Utama Nama orangda Dalt, Alexandra T.
Volume, Nomor, Tahun dan Hlm.vol. 22, no. 5, p. 299-317
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Subjek Topik
Judul UtamaWomens Perceptions of Their Agency and Power in Post-Conflict Timor-Leste
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Sumber KoleksiPerpustakaan Nasional
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