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Pattern of Cybercrime Awareness in Imo State, Nigeria: An Empirical Assessment

No. Panggil : eja-21-0721
Nama Orang : Nzeakor, Ogochukwu Favour Nwokeoma, Bonaventure N Ezeh, Peter-Jazzy.
Penerbitan : [Place of publication not identified] : Proquest - Crime Justice and Cyber Criminology, 2020
AbstrakUsing questionnaire, and In-depth Interview, data were collected írom 1,031 staff and students of selected tertiary institutions in Imo State, Nigería in order to evaluate the pattern of public awareness of cybercnme. It was found that (1) the level cybercnme awareness was very high(N=915; 89%); (2) the knowledge of cybercnme menace appeared very superficial because majonty (78%; N=804) of the respondents tend to be only informed of computer-related/assisted category of cybercnme; while as low as 22% (227) were aware of only computer-focused cybercnme categones; (3) cybercnme awareness appeared to be gender sensitive in the sense that more males (91%; N=347) than females respondents (88%; N=572) tend to be aware of cybercnme; (4) there seems to be a positive relationship between level of education and awareness of cybercnme- in the sense that the highly educated Internet users tend to be more informed (N=332; 92%) about online cnminal activities that the lowly educated ones (N=583; 87%); and (5) the level of cybercnme awareness increases (N=305; 97%) as Internet users get older. It was recommended that more eifective and holistic cybercnme awareness campaigns, targeted more on the women and children, should be embarked upon by the stakeholders.
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Kata KunciLevel of Awareness, Category of Cybercrime Awareness, Superficial Awareness, Socio-Demographic Trend of Awareness, Depth of Awareness.
Tahun Terbit2020
No. Indukeja-21-0721
Entri Sumber DataProquest - Crime Justice and Cyber Criminology
Entri Utama Nama orangNzeakor, Ogochukwu Favour; Nwokeoma, Bonaventure N; Ezeh, Peter-Jazzy.
Volume, Nomor, Tahun dan Hlm.vol. 14, no. 1, p. 283-299
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Judul UtamaPattern of Cybercrime Awareness in Imo State, Nigeria: An Empirical Assessment
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eja-21-0721 eja-21-0721 TERSEDIA
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