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From a Vulnerability Search to a Criminal Case: Script Analysis of an SQL Injection Attack

No. Panggil : eja-21-0702
Nama Orang : Leppanen, Anna Toiviainen, Tero Kankaanrata, Terhi
Penerbitan : [Place of publication not identified] : Proquest - Crime Justice and Cyber Criminology, 2020
AbstrakThis paper uses script analysis to model a low-skill-level SQL injection, a common form of website hacking. Its contribution is to identify crime facilitators and potential stakeholders who can participate in the prevention of these types of crime up to the point of the criminal investigation. The data consists of a real judiciary crime case. The implications of this research are: 1) The police should consider ways of increasing the likelihood of and shortening the time taken for organisations to report cybercrime; 2) It may be possible and benefícial to detect low skill level domestic offenders among the mass of website hacks, and to concentrate on cutting their criminal career short via cooperation between authorities, business and the non-governmental sector. Moreover, increasing the awareness of young people regarding cybercrimes could potentially prevent an interest in a vulnerability search that would turn into a criminal act from forming in the £rst place.
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Kata KunciCybercrime Prevention, Policing Cyberspace, Crime Scrypt Analysis, SQL Injection, Website Hacking
Tahun Terbit2020
No. Indukeja-21-0702
Entri Sumber DataProquest - Crime Justice and Cyber Criminology
Entri Utama Nama orangLeppanen, Anna; Toiviainen, Tero; Kankaanrata, Terhi
Volume, Nomor, Tahun dan Hlm.vol. 14, no. 1, p. 63-80
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Judul UtamaFrom a Vulnerability Search to a Criminal Case: Script Analysis of an SQL Injection Attack
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