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African Insurance spiritualism and the success rate of cybercriminals in Nigeria : A study of the Yahoo Boys in Ilorin Nigeria

No. Panggil : eja-21-0669
Nama Orang : Monsurat Isiaka
Penerbitan : [Place of publication not identified] : Proquest - Crime Justice and Cyber Criminology, 2020
AbstrakThe danger of Cyber Crime otherwise called Yahoo Yahoo In Nigeria is growing at an alarming rate and has become a major Criminal trend in the world. The unceasing Public alertness about the activities of the perpetrators and the need for victory show favor and believe in African spiritual strength left do the adoption of spiritualism otherwise we can ensure insurance by the Yahoo boys however with the combination of expertise and African Insurance the level of success of the Yahoo Boys in their criminal activities remains gloomy this study examines the success rate of Yahoo boys when they combine African insurance with Internet fraud Holding on Merton strain theory in depth interviews are used to generate qualitative data from 12 respondents simple Pro snowballing content analysis reveals didn't even told Yahoo boys combined spiritualism with internet fraud to boost their success the sexiest red is dependent on five factors the financial capacity of Target at the captive skill of the fraudster the compatibility of Fortune with the fraudsters destiny the genuineness what's the spiritual mediators in a strict compliance which spiritual instructions
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Kata Kunciafrican insurance, Cybercriminals, Nigeria, Succsess Rate, Yahoo Boys
Tahun Terbit2020
No. Indukeja-21-0669
Entri Sumber DataProquest - Crime Justice and Cyber Criminology
Entri Utama Nama orangMonsurat Isiaka
Volume, Nomor, Tahun dan Hlm.vol. 14, no. 1, p. 300-315
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Judul UtamaAfrican Insurance spiritualism and the success rate of cybercriminals in Nigeria : A study of the Yahoo Boys in Ilorin Nigeria
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Sumber KoleksiPerpustakaan Nasional
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